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A brand new concept for the San Diego social sushi scene. Ever been to a typical sushi bar? Did you feel you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet? Did you have the urge to do a sake bomb, but felt like you weren't allowed? Was the music stale, was there nothing on the television or no television at all, did you have any interactions with the sushi chefs? We say... BORING!

Kamikaze 7 is reinventing the sushi experience! 15 custom sake bombs Full Liquor and Japanese beers on tap, including sake 4 – 50” TVs playing Kill Bill, Godzilla and Anime movies DJ Jams playing on the speakers Mandatory interaction with the sushi chefs KICK ASS! Think Quentin Tarentino meets sushi. Coming to Kamikaze 7 will be an experience like no other.

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Monday 11-2. & 5-10

Tuesday 11-2. & 5-10

Wednesday 11-2. & 5-10

Thursday 11-2 & 5-12

Friday 11-2 & 5-2

Saturday 11-2 & 5-2

Sunday 2-10

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